December 11, 2018 | 8:30 - 10:30am

The Role of Tech & Product in
Digital Transformations

Who owns customer experience these days, anyway? The lines between product, IT and marketing are blurring as the integration of online and offline experiences becomes more integral to the overall customer experience. Join us for breakfast and a lively discussion with fellow executives as we talk about the changing role of tech & product in digital transformations.


As integration of online and offline experiences become more and more integral to the total customer experience, the lines between product, IT and marketing are blurring. Driving unified, radically relevant customer experiences is not the sole responsibility of any one team, but rather collaboration between multiple key stakeholders.

During this breakfast seminar, hear how product leaders from NY Times and Weight Watchers spearheaded a true paradigm shift within their organizations, breaking down the silos between Tech, Product and Marketing to drive customer-centricity. We’ll talk about:

  • Who Owns the Customer Experience These Days
  • The Convergence of Product, IT, and Marketing
  • Breaking Down Silos Between Product & Martech


  • Pamela Della Motta

    Director of Product,
    Marketing Technology
    The New York Times

  • Nicolas Chikhanier

    VP of Product

  • Justin DeBrabant

    Head of Product

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